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 Friday, November 30, 2012 / 3:58 p.m. ★ Congratulation~

Anneong ppl; today is Haha and Byul's wedding. A big congratulation to you ahjussi and ahjumma *opss* Chukahae to Haha and Byul . I really hope that Byul unni will be Running Man's guest.  Sincerely, I'm a big fan of DGNA now. They're too adorable. Ahhh oh my god~ Mika and Karam too cute. Omo~ Ahhh~ Oppa too kawaii :3 Well, I'm a Japan girl but now I live in Malaysia. and guess what? I've forget my own language! Huahhh TT^TT pity you, Yasuko. But my chingu says it is okey, you can take a tuition and  learn back japan language.  Every ppl want me to speak ! Speak! and SPEAK! Oh gawd, don't they know I've forget my own language? I don't know what can I do  when I return back to Japan this December. Ahh, time go so fast! Today is 30 November and tomorrow 1 December.  Oh gawd save me~

I hope this will be my nightmare. Perhaps.

Yeah~ It maybe perhaps. 

Can someone teach me how to memorize back my own language? Ahhh~ I need Doraemon now.  


 Thursday, November 29, 2012 / 11:21 p.m. ★ See?

Hello guys. Really sorry for didn't updating this blog for aloooong time '_' I'm sorry. I'm really busy for my class, homework, exams Ahhh exams really want to kill me. Ohaha, it's what happen when we're being student, right? So cheer up. Be a happy girl.

Today I don't know what I do. I'm on my laptop, on my FB and then doing my FF . Ahh, hearing that a-little-bit sick huh? I know that ==" Don't tell me:D Ahah, my mother and I watching KDRAMA called Colour of Women. We can't stop laughing because So Ra and Jae hee just look... Oh my god~ They are perfect partner. I cant be patient what the end of this story? I'm waiting for tomorrow and hoping So Ra will accept him as Jae Hee can't forget her~ So romantic , huh? Actually I didn't watch any romantic story because it not my taste but, this KDRAMA make me keep watching this. Ohh, thanks to TV2 for airing this KDRAMA. A big kiss for you, hah//
Sincerely, I really disappointed by that antis that throwing my oppa bottles etc. Also boo-ing thingy. Sorry for NU'EST and VIXX because this antis. Hoh oppa please forget it and forget it? Please~ *sigh*

I'm really not good in english. I'm trying to be good so I'll can score A in my english paper test, right? *smile* When I received my paper test, I'll sigh and ask It is my paper? There's so many 'red' . Ohh Haha. I'm not crazyy. Who says you're crazy, yasuko? ergghh, close you mouth.

I'm really not in good mood right now. Some antis are trying to throw some rocks to me. Huhh, just do it, man! I'm not scared at all . Blekk:P

Anyway, thanks for reading. 


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